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Republican presidential candidates need to open their eyes

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It is no secret that those of us at the Las Vegas Tribune are rooting for non-professional politicians, so Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are the presidential candidates of choice for most of us at the [Read entire story]

Knowing Vegas: What’s the deal with the orb outside Container Park?

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It's impossible to miss, even next to the likes of a fire-spitting praying mantis and a park made of storage containers. SOURCE: Las Vegas Review-Journal - The most reliable source for Las Vegas news - Read entire [Read entire story]

Carson tries to clarify, Trump keeps deceiving

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Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is a gifted speaker, but when given a chance Monday to clarify the record on his latest derogatory statement about followers of Islam, he couldn't quite seem to get the [Read entire story]

At the Farm, the turkeys roam with goats, mules and many more — PHOTOS

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Those who've never wowed their loved ones with tales of turkey physical therapy at Thanksgiving, take a page from 17-year-old Rhys Bertschy. SOURCE: Las Vegas Review-Journal - The most reliable source for Las Vegas [Read entire story]

Las Vegas Ladies Night Out!

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Las Vegas Ladies Night Out is a meetup for ladies to get together and enjoy the Vegas Club scene together with VIP free entry and free drinks! Join us and meet new friends and get familiar with the nightclub and day club [Read entire story]

THE OUTBACK – Real Estate Education & Investment Club

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The Outback is expanding to San Diego, CA for one meeting per month!!!!!!!!  For upcoming events & more information got to San Diego Outback Meetup page. Hi, it's Coach Collard.  I'm a real estate investor, coach, [Read entire story]

Diners, Drive-In & Dives!

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I love the American style greasy spoon diner. Any other appreciators out there? I'd like to check out all the D,D, & D's this city has to offer and maybe even take a road trip or two. This is a group for all ages, [Read entire story]

Vegas 40s & Fabulous

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If you are between the ages of 40 and 49, happy, secure, confident, drama-free and just feeling fabulous, join me for fun activities around town, staying fit or getting into shape (indoors and outdoors), dining out, [Read entire story]

Public lands would be in danger if given to individual states

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Today many of us will sit down with family and friends to break bread and, in some cases, give thanks. After all, it is Thanksgiving Day. SOURCE: Sports - Read entire story here. [Read entire story]

GameDay Live: UNLV leads Indiana at halftime, 41-34


The Rebels are leading 13th-ranked Indiana at halftime of their Maui Invitational game by a score of 41-34. Follow the action with our live blog SOURCE: Sports - Read entire story here. [Read entire story]

Help for Thanksgiving procrastinators

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Judging from the phone calls we got on Wednesday, a lot of people didn't plan for Thanksgiving until pretty much the very last minute. Uh-oh. SOURCE: Life - Read entire story here. [Read entire story]

Miracle Flights’ founder bails with massive retirement package

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Ann McGee, the founder of Miracle Flights for Kids in 1985, has departed with an annual retirement of $344,000, or 75 percent of her most recent salary of $430,000. SOURCE: Las Vegas Review-Journal - The most reliable [Read entire story]

‘Friendsgiving’ becoming a new American celebration

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America has a new Thanksgiving trend: "Friendsgiving." SOURCE: Food and Dining - Read entire story here. [Read entire story]

Obama signs defense bill into law despite the Guantanamo provision

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President Barack Obama signed a sweeping defense policy bill into law on Wednesday, legislation that authorizes $607 billion in defense spending but also includes provisions that make it harder to close the military [Read entire story]

Did you see Adele perform ‘Hello’ with Jimmy Fallon? — VIDEO

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Fresh off of breaking chart records and already boasting the biggest-selling album of 2015 with "25," the British singer positively crushed it Tuesday on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." SOURCE: Entertainment [Read entire story]

10 movies to help you through your turkey coma — VIDEO

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The last thing you'll want to do after you've eaten half your body weight is move. Odds are, you'll be too stuffed on Thanksgiving to even think. These 10 acclaimed movies are all at least three hours long, giving you [Read entire story]